Experience Yoga at Your Level

My classes have one thing in common: offering a practice that enables you to experience the benefits of yoga in a way that works for your situation.

I find that many students truly benefit and enjoy this approach to yoga, compared to the “formula style” that is offered more commonly.

I offer different types of yoga practices and help you “amplify or modify” your practice, so your work aligns best with where you are on your yoga journey.  

Three levels to meet you where you are

On Tuesdays, I offer a Hatha Yoga Flow class with an energizing playful mix of Slow Flow Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. The practice is breath-focused and easy to follow, incorporating inspirational themes and affirmations, and suitable for all levels. 

On Thursdays, the “Gentle and Restorative” class focuses specifically on providing an un-apologetically “gentle” yoga practice, as this works so well for many students. Restorative yoga helps provide that physical and mental balance to prevent stress and anxiety.

Chair Yoga sessions are the most accessible style of practice that I offer. By using a chair instead of a mat, students will experience the numerous benefits of gentle yoga, but in ways that make this style available and enjoyable for people with a wide range of physical abilities. For details on these sessions, please check the Events page.